There's A Story Here

WorldFinds products are handmade in small batches by our artisan partners across the globe. Our partnerships provide a living wage and safe working conditions for our artisans, while providing economic empowerment through fair trade.

From India to Nepal to Bangladesh, we work collaboratively with more than 700 talented women (and a few men) to co-create our designs. Our artisans aren’t just makers, they’re partners in sustainable innovation. Take our original Kantha jewelry, for example:

Our artisan partners in India were looking for ways to repurpose fabric scraps left over from our bags and accessories, which they had created using traditional Kantha quilts. They had the idea to approach a local furniture factory to collect wood scraps to carve into beads, which they then covered with Kantha fabric. This innovation provided the spark for our U.S.-based team to expand an initial necklace design into a full Kantha jewelry collection, and for WorldFinds to become known for our Original Kantha Jewelry.

To this day, our collections are designed in the Chicago area, and brought to life by our talented artisan partners. From our Kantha jewelry to our one-of-a-kind Kutch accessories, there’s a story behind every piece we create, and the foundation for a bright future through fair trade.


Our artisan partners make all of our jewelry and accessories by hand, either in small workshops or in their homes. Some are part of a women’s cooperative or small family group, and others are members of World Fair Trade Organizations. Each of our collections begins with a consideration of the unique skills and traditions these individuals bring to the table, and a shared appreciation for beautiful design and craftsmanship.

Kantha Jewelry

The makers of your vibrant Kantha jewelry utilize materials from within their own community, including repurposed cotton textiles and salvaged wood. Our fair trade partnerships uplift artisan communities and provide stability for families through economic empowerment and independence, while our Girls Education Fund provides additional support for the daughters of our artisan partners, to ensure they have many opportunities for a bright future.

Metallic Jewelry

From their homes and workshops, our artisan partners create your favorite WorldFinds sleek metallic jewelry styles using traditional techniques and incredible skill. Our New Delhi-area partners include individuals from marginalized communities who are crafting a better future for their families through economic self-sufficiency.

Textile Accessories

Your Kutch and Kantha textile bags and small goods are lovingly handcrafted by small groups of artisans in India, Bangladesh and Nepal who hand-select and piece together these traditional, repurposed fabrics. Each item is gorgeously one of a kind!


Materials & Techniques explained


Kutch is an embroidery technique that originated in the isolated region of Kutch, in India’s Gujarat State. The unique textiles of this area are a fusion of traditional needlework styles, and they incorporate a bold mix of colors and captivating motifs that range from the everyday to the allegorical. You’ll find an imaginative array of geometric, floral and animal themes flowing through our Kutch Collection. All of our Kutch bags and accessories are created from repurposed Kutch textiles, so each is one of a kind.


Kantha is a traditional form of quilting known for its distinctive, allover running stitch, and it’s common to the eastern regions of India and to Bangladesh. Like quilts in the U.S., traditional Kantha quilts are the original upcycled textile, in which discarded cotton sari material is fashioned for a new and beautiful use.


Our sleek metallic jewelry is crafted from a brass metal mix. Collections range from sculptural statement pieces to classics with a twist, incorporating interesting textures and unexpected shapes. We often combine silver and gold elements in our styles, so they effortlessly layer with other pieces – as well as with our Kantha jewelry! Our metal jewelry is free from lead, nickel and cadmium, so can be worn by those with sensitive skin.

Follow the flow

The Making of Kantha Jewelry

Kantha quilts are a traditional textile found in abundance in India. They’re made from layers of worn cotton saris, which are sewn together with a distinctive, allover running stitch. Artisans transform Kantha quilt and sari remnants into beads for our jewelry, which provides new life to a textile that would otherwise be discarded.

Step 1:

Each Kantha bead has a base made of wood, which is carved out of scraps salvaged from a local furniture factory. We, and the artisans, love sustainable sourcing!

Step 2:

Artisans cover each wooden bead with a colorful piece of Kantha fabric, attaching it securely with a safe adhesive. After excess fabric is trimmed off, the bead is complete.

Step 3:

The finished beads are transformed into a necklace, bracelet or earring with tremendous skill. Our designs may incorporate modern elements like metallic paillettes, brass metal accent beads or mixed-metal seed beads. Artisans assort the beads so the final piece has a unique array of colors and patterns. The result is a Kantha design as unique as the artisan who crafted it!