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Thank you so much to all of you who have reached out asking how you can help our artisan partners directly as they continue to battle the deadly second wave of covid in India.

We have decided to start accepting donations through PayPal to get urgently-needed funds to exactly where they’re needed most. There are a lot of needs right now! The initiatives below will have the most impact and help our partners get through this incredibly challenging time. Click the button below to start a donation.

Here is where funds are most needed right now:

Our partners at Tara Projects hope to create a healthcare facility in Khiwai Village in Uttar Pradesh to support the artisans, their families, and other community members. A local clinic in this village is needed to provide basic healthcare education and prevent additional covid deaths. They need funds to cover the cost of a doctor plus medicine and medical equipment, totaling around $3000.

The purchase of several oxygen machines, at a cost of $500 each.

Help covering hospital bills for the Sathwara Family, makers of our Kutch bags and accessories. The father was battling a diabetic infection in his leg when he contracted covid; the doctors in the ICU amputated his leg to remove the infection, giving him a better chance to survive. He is still having trouble breathing on his own and each day is touch and go. We don’t know the extent of the hospital and recovery costs, but they'll likely be very steep.

A healthcare facility in the Bawana Community. You've already been supporting children's education in Bawana through our "Educate" Cause Bracelets. And now they're in desperate need of a local healthcare facility. Bawana is a densely populated area in northwest Delhi, home to a migrant community that is very underserved. Covid cases are rising, and a local clinic (doctor, medicine, equipment) would help save lives.

Thank you again for all of your support, our partners are remaining strong and these funds will go a long way to help provide some relief for a community that has gone through so much and still needs our help.

Other Organizations to Donate to


+ Indian Red Cross Society

+ The Hope Foundation

+ Association for India's Development

+ List of hyperlocal organizations

+ Khalsa Aid

+ British Asian Trust

+ Care India

+ SEWA International

+ Give India